Pasta Sauce Font

I've always been intrigued by typography and have admired the people that create fonts so I decided to create one of my own!

This is a decorative font that matches my style of illustration. I designed it similar to how I design my illustrations: stacked layers!

Here's how it works

Layer 1

This is the character fill color and must be the base.

Layer 2

This is the character glare and should have a low opacity.

Layer 3

Next is the shading. This should have a low opacity as well.

Layer 4

This layer contains “sauce.”

Layer 5

The sauce needs some detail too! (low opacity)

Layer 6

Finally, the outline on top! This can be any color as well.

I started by desiging SVGs of each character in Illustrator, including the small pieces used for the glare and shading details. You'll notice that this font is a distant cousin of Gotham Bold :) I then imported each SVG into FontForge, adjusted the spacing values, and exported! I did not get around to creating puncuation marks, but the font was downloaded for free by over 175 people. Here are more samples!

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