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NBC Sports Bay Area is an American regional sports network headquartered in San Francisco, CA. I’ve been working in partnership with them for 2 years and have gotten to work on some incredible projects for some of my favorite sports teams.

Golden State Warriors

I designed a poster for the Golden State Warriors. It was used as a giveaway at each home game of the 2019 NBA Finals, including the final game played at Oracle Arena.

The most challenging part of this project was finding a way to fit all 17 players on the canvas while sticking with a theme that featured Oracle Areana. The geometric pattern I went with represents the diamond shaped architecture that wraps around the arena.

If I had to guess, there were around 50,000 of these posters printed and handed out before the games.

That’s my dad and I. We were able to attend Game 3 and get some posters in person. It was truly an incredible experience.

San Francisco Giants

I designed a poster of Andrew McCutchen for the San Francisco Giants. This was also handed out to each fan upon entering the game.

This poster was 1 of 12 in a collector series that featured work from local artists and the theme was retro baseball card. The SF Giants are my favorite baseball team, so this was a big deal for me!

There was a line around the corner to get the poster and I was even interviewed on the Giants Pre-Game show.

Most importantly, I was able to share the moment with my biggest fan, Aunt Nancy.

Sacramento Kings

This Willie Cauley-Stein poster,the first project I did with NBCS, was handed out to Sacramento Kings fans upon entering the game.

The toughest part about this project was handling the complex tattoos Willie has on his arms and neck. The Kings creative team wanted his tattoos to match up exactly in the design and I had to push back given the amount of time that would take me to complete. We compromised on pulling his arm sleeves up filling the extra space with random shapes.

As this was my first project at such a large scale, it was surreal seeing my work in the hands of thousands of people at the game.

Got to hang out with the legend and current Kings broadcaster, Doug Christie!

Sacramento Kings

Here is another poster I did for the Sacramento Kings, featuring Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Unfortunately, this design was not approved and my work was never used. The only feedback I received was that the design was “not exciting enough.” To this day, I’m still trying to figure out how I could have made it more exciting. However, this stuff happens in the industry and I was able to use it as a learning experience.

Tried to switch it up and go with a different style. This was quickly denied.

Another early version I submitted that was not approved.

Oakland A’s

Here is a t-shirt I designed for the Oakland A’s celebrating Sean Manaea’s iconic no-hitter.

This was initially going to be printed on a thin sheet of tin metal, but was eventually used as a t-shirt instead. Manaea’s pitching performance was so dominant during his no-hitter, it was almost as if he put on a show for everyone in attendance. With that in mind, I went with a movie poster theme for the design.

I especially enjoyed using this color palette and creating his arm tattoo!

This is another version submitted, which the A's creative team approved and ran with. I liked my other concept better :)

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