Milagro Tequila + Sacramento Kings

I was approached by Milagro Tequila and the Sacramento Kings to come up with an original cup design for the maragaritas sold at every Kings home game during the 2018-2019 season.

The objective was to combine the culture of the Kings, with the culture of Milagro. I decided to go with a panel layout, made up of individually designed tiles.

The tiles wrapped around the entirety of the cup and each represented a snapshot of the Kings’ Sacramento culture and Milagro’s Mexican culture. The final cup was made of 10 tiles total.

Sacramento Illustrations

Tower Bridge, an iconic landmark in Sacramento.

Being that Sacramento is the capitol of California, this building is also a major landmark.

Biking is an extremely popular way of getting around town!

Sacramento was one time nicknamed the “City of Trees.“

And of course, the Kings’ logo is a lion. This is my version of their mascot, Slamson.

Milagro Illustrations

This is my version of a Mexican Rose.

It was VERY appropriate to include a graphic of a shot of tequila!

Mariachi bands and sombreros always make for a good time.

Milagro takes great pride in their high-quality agave nectar.

The Milagro brand includes some graphics of skeletons. This is one with a King’s crown.

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